Privacy Policy
August 1, 2020

Open Justice Baltimore takes your privacy and security very seriously. BPD Watch is hosted independently from the main Open Justice Baltimore website. This Privacy Policy only applies to BPD Watch.

Logs and Security

Open Justice Baltimore uses HTTPS on all of its web servers including BPD Watch. However, it is still possible for employers, internet service providors (ISPs), or anyone performing network-level traffic analysis to identify that you have visited BPD Watch. Open Justice Baltimore does not maintain network logs on our web servers. We also do not block incoming connections from any regions or IP block, so we welcome traffic from any anonymity network such as Tor.

Legal Information

BPD Watch uses publicly available information provided by the Baltimore Police Department and the Baltimore City government. As such, we do not honor requests for removal of police officer information. Questions may be directed to our legal representation.

Future Changes

In the case that Open Justice Baltimore has to update this Privacy Policy, we will update the date at the top of this webpage.