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General Information

Name Nicholas David Chapman
BPD Watch ID 436
Sequence Number I831
Department Baltimore Police Department
Race White
Gender Male
Age 33
First Employment Date 2010-04-15
Credibility Issues

Assignment History

Job Title Unit Start Date End Date
Police Officer 2010-04-15


Annual Salary Overtime Total Pay Year
$81,930.00 $8,814.70 $90,744.70 FY 2021
$78,791.00 $18,000.64 $96,791.64 FY 2020
$78,044.00 $9,725.35 $87,769.35 FY 2019
$72,153.00 $23,009.64 $95,162.64 FY 2018
$69,373.00 $19,798.24 $89,171.24 FY 2017
$66,784.00 $19,184.30 $85,968.30 FY 2016
$62,379.00 $13,843.78 $76,222.78 FY 2015
$56,312.00 $9,108.27 $65,420.27 FY 2014
$51,937.00 $11,102.59 $63,039.59 FY 2013
$43,895.00 $8,831.78 $52,726.78 FY 2012
$42,391.00 $39,078.03 FY 2011


  • Incident

    Date Jul 18, 2013
    Department Baltimore Police Department
    Officers Jorge Omar Bernardez Ruiz, Nicholas David Chapman, Alex Ryan Hashagen, Latreese Nicole Lee, Eric Maurice Hinton, Derrick Dewayne Beasley, Danielle Angela Lewis
    Description Plaintiffs allege that Tyrone West was subjected to an illegal traffic stop and, “[a]s a result of the unconstitutional use of force by Defendants, Tyrone West received multiple severe injuries about his body, experienced severe pain and suffering, and mental anguish resulting in death.” Further, they maintain that “the individual police officer defendants made an unreasonable seizure” of Mr. West, thereby violating his rights under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments and “assaulted and battered [him], resulting in his death, and otherwise used excessive force and unwarranted force during the course of said seizure.” Plaintiffs maintain that such incidents are part of a common practice, pattern, policy, and custom in the BPD.
    Address near
    Baltimore, MD



  • The Beating of Abdul Salaam by Baltimore Police "Violent Repeat Officers"
    In the same month as the murder of Tyrone West by the same unit, Abdul Salaam was wrongfully stopped and searched and brutalized. - Baltimore BLOC

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