General Information

Name Joshua E. Stackhouse
BPD Watch ID 2568
Sequence Number J852
Department Baltimore Police Department
Race White
Gender Male
Age 33
First Employment Date 2016-05-02

Assignment History

Job Title Unit Start Date End Date
Police Officer 2016-05-02


Annual Salary Overtime Total Pay Year
$78,844.00 $22,440.18 $101,284.18 FY 2021
$75,806.00 $12,193.87 $87,999.87 FY 2020
$72,977.00 $9,535.55 $82,512.55 FY 2019
$68,106.00 $19,524.00 $87,630.00 FY 2018
$62,676.00 $21,338.22 $84,014.22 FY 2017
$58,963.00 $6,349.81 FY 2016


  • Incident

    Date Jun 05, 2019
    Department Baltimore Police Department
    Officers John F. Jaimes, Joshua E. Stackhouse
    Description Officers initiated an unconstitutional stop and search of Sherman Reed Jr.'s car. A blunt was found, but not prosecutable. When Reed proceeded to film the interaction, officers arrested him without charging him. Officers took him to the Southern District station. Reed accused officers of planting cocaine in his cell. Before Reed had a chance to speak with Internal Affairs weeks later, he was murdered.
    Address None near None
    Baltimore, MD

Court Cases